KN-95 Masks (Non-Medical) Full Box
KN-95 Masks (Non-Medical) Full Box - Packaging

KN-95 Masks (Non-Medical) Full Box (1,000 pieces)

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Layers:  5 layer construction

2 layers: White non-woven

2 layers:  Melt-blown

1 layer:  Hot air cotton

Packing: 5pcs/poly bag - 1,000 pieces per box in total.

FDA and CE approved.

KN95 disposable, non-medical face masks used by patients, doctors, nurses, other medical staff and almost everyone. Used in hospitals, offices, educational institutions, health clubs, Gyms, Spa, salons, Golf clubs, hospitality industry, marketplace and virtually everywhere.

KN-95 face masks in 5-layer construction, with outer 2 layers white non-woven, 2 melt-blown layers in the middle, and 1 inner hot-air cotton layer. FDA and CE approved.

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